Why the Time to Adopt Risk-Based Security is Now and How to Get Started



For too long, businesses have taken a reactive approach to cybersecurity, putting them at heightened risk and forcing focus on putting out fires instead of creating a strategic plan. That's why the time to adopt a more proactive risk-based approach is now. 

Read the executive brief to learn why, and how to get started. 

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More Proactive, Less Reactive

Security practitioners often get comfortable, and even complacent, recommending familiar controls and approaches as they build a security program. While such a toolkit can be valuable, it is also important to be wary of assuming a control strategy that worked for one organization or use case is the right approach for all.

  • Compare control-based vs. risk-based approach
  • View NIST CSF as an engine for risk assessment
  • Learn about tailoring risk mitigations to your specific needs
  • Be empowered to transform from bolted-on to baked-in
Download the brief to learn about adopting a risk-based approach and how to begin.