Why the Time to Adopt Risk-Based Security is Now and How to Get Started



For too long, businesses have taken a reactive approach to cybersecurity, putting them at heightened risk and forcing focus on putting out fires instead of creating a strategic plan. That's why the time to adopt a more proactive risk-based approach is now. 

Read the executive brief to learn why, and how to get started. 

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More Proactive, Less Reactive

Security practitioners often get comfortable, and even complacent, recommending familiar controls and approaches as they build a security program. While such a toolkit can be valuable, it is also important to be wary of assuming a control strategy that worked for one organization or use case is the right approach for all.

  • Compare control-based vs. risk-based approach
  • View NIST CSF as an engine for risk assessment
  • Learn about tailoring risk mitigations to your specific needs
  • Be empowered to transform from bolted-on to baked-in
Download the brief to learn about adopting a risk-based approach and how to begin. 

About Avertium

Avertium brings enterprise-level security to mid-sized and larger organizations challenged by the cybersecurity talent shortage, rapidly evolving threat landscape and budgetary constraints. The company’s acclaimed show-no-weakness approach to extended detection and response (XDR), governance and compliance, and strategic advisory services is redefining the managed security services category.

From financial services and manufacturing, to technology and healthcare, more than 2,500 companies rely on Avertium’s more rigorous, more relevant, and more responsive delivery of cybersecurity services. Backed by growth equity firm Sunstone Partners, Avertium operates CyberOps Centers of Excellence in Arizona, Colorado, and Tennessee.