A CISO's Guide to Building Positive Board Relationships


Cybersecurity is one of the top five greatest threats to world economies and stability, and executive boards are turning to their CISO for guidance and execution of a thorough security program that delivers demonstrable business value.

If you’re a CISO looking to improve your cybersecurity posture through board consensus, we’re here to help.

Download this guide to get insights around:

  • - Giving effective board presentations
    - What to present to the board
    - How to address third-party risk, BYOD and insider threats
    - Establish a mutual mindset of resiliency
    - Build a culture of cybersecurity

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Improve Security Posture with Executive Support

While there are many priorities vying for the CISO’s attention, successful communications with the board are now the most critical to job security. In other words, it might be a new task on the list, but maintaining positive board relations is at the absolute top.

The CISO must be able to effectively convey the following:

- The extent of an organization’s risk
- Present and future strategies to mitigate that risk
- Easy-to-digest metrics that prove the business value of current security spend
- A compelling case for the necessary financial support moving forward

Download the guide to learn how to develop a comprehensive and effective approach to building board consensus to successfully execute the highest level of security protocol at your organization.

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