XDR is Not Only About Technology and Why this Matters



Wondering what the hype on XDR is all about?

This white paper outlines XDR, its analytical capabilities and its role within a holistic cybersecurity program. 

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Cybersecurity at Scale

Automation technologies promise to expand monitoring and threat detection capabilities, helping organizations to organize and contextualize risk and threat insights across every layer of the network. This white paper lays out XDR technology, its advantages and shortcomings and challenges IT leaders to take an XDR approach to create a more proactive and efficient cybersecurity strategy that’s also more comprehensive. 

While the concept is strong, technology alone cannot achieve a mature security posture. Download the white paper to learn why and what you can do about it. 

About Avertium

Avertium brings enterprise-level security to mid-sized and larger organizations challenged by the cybersecurity talent shortage, rapidly evolving threat landscape and budgetary constraints. The company’s acclaimed show-no-weakness approach to extended detection and response (XDR), governance and compliance, and strategic advisory services is redefining the managed security services category.

From financial services and manufacturing, to technology and healthcare, more than 2,500 companies rely on Avertium’s more rigorous, more relevant, and more responsive delivery of cybersecurity services. Backed by growth equity firm Sunstone Partners, Avertium operates CyberOps Centers of Excellence in Arizona, Colorado, and Tennessee. For more information, visit www.avertium.com.