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Building an XDR Solution: Factors You Ought to Consider for ZTNA, EDR, Vulnerability Scanning and SIEM


Fighting more sophisticated cyber threats along with the complexity of the mass shift to work-from-home have created a constant battle for security professionals. IT and IS must decide between adopting XDR for a proactive approach to security or remaining at a heightened state of risk vulnerable to the expanding landscape.

This white paper explains each of the technology components that make up XDR and the factors you ought to consider for each:

  • - Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • - Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • - Vulnerability Scanning
  • - Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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Comprehensive XDR

In this white paper we discuss the ecosystem created by integrating the four technologies crucial to a comprehensive XDR solution and the supporting processes around which IT and IS must use to build a more rigorous, relevant and responsive cybersecurity program.

  • Zero Trust Network Access to shore up inherent shortcomings in the traditional approach of reliance on network edge controls
  • Endpoint Detection and Response to achieve visibility to each endpoint regardless of their location
  • Vulnerability Scanning as the core of a fully implemented vulnerability management program to dramatically reduce the potential for exposure
  • SIEM to provide a holistic view using real-time monitoring, analysis and prioritization of data to cut through the noise of endless alerts and potential events

Download the paper to learn how to bulk up your own security by learning how to build an XDR solution and the factors you ought to consider when evaluating ZTNA, EDR, vulnerability scanning, and SIEM technologies.

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