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How to Implement a Risk-Based Strategy for "Killer" Threat Hunting Programs

Featuring a recent ransomware case study

Webinar Takeaways:

1. Elements of a threat hunting program

2. Utilizing NIST CSF and the Enterprise ATT&CK framework to build a forward-looking threat-hunting program

3. Applying the program against a recent ransomware attack






Paul Caiazzo 815 tall

Paul Caiazzo - SVP of Security and Compliance, Avertium

Paul has dedicated his career to advancing the field of global cyber security. In his current role as Senior Vice President a Avertium, Paul focuses on business development and strategic initiatives. Prior to Avertium, Paul was the Co-Founder and CEO of TruShield Security Solutions, which was acquired by Sunstone Partners as one of the founding companies of Avertium

His foundation in the finance industry gave him first-hand experience in how crippling cybersecurity issues can be for individuals, businesses, and even the Federal Government. This sparked his interest in building a company where he could help clients not just understand the risks they face, but to combat them with effective mitigation strategies.

Under Paul’s leadership, TruShield earned a distinguished reputation as one of the fastest growing companies in the cybersecurity industry. Paul also serves as the Cybersecurity Advisor to the Science and Technology Policy Center for Development, where he utilizes his expertise to help the nonprofit achieve their goal of advancing ICT in developing countries.

About Avertium

Avertium brings enterprise-level security to the many mid-sized and larger organizations that don't have access to comprehensive, specialized protection. One of the largest cybersecurity services providers to the mid-to-enterprise market, Avertium is forged out of three award-winning cybersecurity services companies, each with a unique perspective on the security landscape. 

More than 1,200 organizations in industries ranging from financial services and manufacturing, to technology and healthcare have come to rely on Avertium's show-no-weakness approach to managed security, consulting and compliance services. The company's dual security operations centers are located in Arizona and Tennessee.