A Guide to Selecting an MSSP or In-house Solution

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Who should manage your security operations? An MSSP or your in-house team?  

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  • The Components -- technologies, skills, physical infrastructure, etc. -- required for establishing a SOC
  • The skills and costs associated with 24/7 monitoring and detection 
  • The pros and cons of outsourcing and in-sourcing as well as a hybrid approach

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About Avertium

Avertium brings enterprise-level security to the many mid-sized and larger organizations that don't have access to comprehensive, specialized protection. One of the largest cybersecurity services providers to the mid-to-enterprise market, Avertium is forged out of three award-winning cybersecurity services companies, each with a unique perspective on the security landscape. 

More than 1,200 organizations in industries ranging from financial services and manufacturing, to technology and healthcare have come to rely on Avertium's show-no-weakness approach to managed security, consulting and compliance services. The company's dual security operations centers are located in Arizona and Tennessee.


A Guide to Selecting an MSSP or In-house Solution